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Smoking a meatloaf w/ a new kitchen assistant

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lots of pics

the other day my cousins little girl asked if i could make her meatloaf on the "smoke cooker"... she also asked if she could help me make supper...

Her name is Kasey(Kassandra) and she is one of my favorite little person in the world..

here we are showing off our new aprons and my new shirt. for an early b-day present she bought us aprons and me a new shirt.

introducing my assistant Kasey

her adding some spices and other ingredients

breaking some eggs

oooooops one got

putting some rub on the meatloaf

peeling the eggs for all of the side dishes with her mom

little beef sausage appetizers

first meatloaf out of the smoker

the assistant cooks plate and then mine

the last meatloaf

i have Q'd lots over the years and today was one of the best times i ever had in my life cooking. she just turned 6 and usually has the attention span of a

she peeled the garlic,the onion...and stayed with me all the way until the meat when into the smoker.. including all the times i went and checked on it..and of course for the taste
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What a presious child not to mention the food and the presentation, looks great.points.gif
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You're a luck guy to have those moments of bonding with a young one. Congrats to the both of you on some great Q!
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I love the time my older daughter spends with me coking and smoking. Now that she's off to college, we only get to do it on occasion over her breaks. Enjoy the company as they grow up fast!
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Looks like you both had a really good time. I love it when my kids decide they actually want to help me instead of me telling them to help. smile.gif It all looks delicious too.
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That's awesome teacup...she sure looks like she's having fun!
Great job to the both of you!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice smoke, and finished meal. I bet that feels good to have a young one around with a serious interest in the craft...standing by you helping out and learning. That's a great thing, Teacup!

Keep it rolling! It's nice to see the younger generations taking interest in what we love to do.

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Nice looking loaves and special points for the recruitment. Nice work you too.

Great job Kasey!
Make sure you keep that guy in line and he'll be a great cook before you know it.
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