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Soaked Chips or Wood Chunks

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I know everyone does things there own way, but a lot of the things I have been reading suggest using Wood Chunks instead of soaked chips.

They say the Chunks last longer, more smoke, so less opening of the lid (if using a kettle grill) and that helps keep temps steady and better cooking.

I have always used chips and soaked them - is the smoke more intense when not soaked in water?

Which method do you use?
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I go with the lazy method . No soak.
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I used to soak chips and chunks, then I stopped using chips and still soaked chunks, then I got lots of tips and advice and read a bunch on here and learned a lot of people don't soak at all.
So I tried not soaking and realized what others said was true, soaking does only takes longer for your wood to begin properly smoking.
If your biggest concern is the wood catching on fire then try to position it differently so it isn't in such direct contact with the hotter parts of the heat and it should smolder nicely.
post #4 of 17 This should answer your question. I don't soak my chunks.
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Since I have been here and learned that soaking only prolongs the smoke I don't soak anymore.

Good luck!
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When you don't soak the chips you'll get a quick burn and plenty of smoke all at once. Chunks do help you control the smoke, and they do last a lot longer than chips.
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I use chunks in my UDS and never soak them. Works for me.
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I stopped using chips a long time ago. I now I just use chunks or splits and do not soak ever (used to soak my chips until I learned facts in here). To help control your smoke when using chunks position them strategically at the perimeters to control their burn.
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What he said. points.gif

Positioning it makes a BIG difference.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I use both!

The day before a smoke, I soak a pint of chips for six hours or so. Then I drain 'em and let them evaporate a bit. The result is chips that are thoroughly damp but not so wet that they interfere with the fire. I distribute those throughout my charcoal basket. The dampness prevents them from burning away too quickly, it makes them last and thereby provide a more consistent release of smoke.

Then a couple hours into the smoke, I put in split logs of maple or cherry or whatever I happen to have around. Those are seasoned, and NOT soaked. Because a split log over coals will last a good 20 minutes to half an hour, providing consistent smoke all that time, it need not be soaked.
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I used to soak both my chips and chunks. I now only use chunks and do not soak at all.
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for me, chunks, no chips, and not soaked.
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Use chips when grilling. Soaking helps keep them going a little longer, but not much.

Use dry chunks for smokers.
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first time smoker

Well I'm giving it a try and have smoked a pork loin and some ribs so far. Pork loin was great but the ribs were a little over done. Here is what I made out of my grill. Darn, it says the pic is too big to upload. Anyone want to see what I made I'll email the pics to you. Thanks-Russ
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I use chunks and only Seasond Wood split and No greenwood. I dont Soak...not much penetration of water in chunks,,,as stated earlier if chip placement to the outside of coals they wont burst into 2 cents.
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I use chunks...soaked 4 24 hrs. As soon as smoke the ribs go...cold. Works 4 me.
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Chunks no soaking is the best. Soaking just prolongs the smoke.
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