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Boneless/skinless Bird-Butts over Cherry smoke: Q-view

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This mod worked so well for warm-smoked/seared steaks, I've been going stir-crazy waiting to try it again on something different! So, it's yard bird thighs tonight.

Prepping for the smoke I decided to try some cherry chips. I finally found these at the local hardware store about 2 weeks ago.

Foiled these chips, as the they are pretty small:

Foiled chips went into the can first, then, hot coals, flip over with a small coal grate and smoke away:

The thighs are layed-open and seasoned with Lemon-Pepper, then closed-up again:

This should give me about 115-120* on the cooking grate, according to previous smokes:

The smoke's been on for 55 minutes now. Chamber temp is still holding @ 155*, with giving it a slight crack on the lower intake.

The plans is for a total smoke time of 60-75 minutes, depending on how they look after an hour. Then, pull the can, and maybe add a few hot coals for the sear. I haven't opened the lid for a visual yet...can't wait to see how they're coming along!

Gotta go check my smoke...back later with the finish!

Thanks for peekin'!

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Lookin' good so far, Eric. Looking forward to the grand finale!
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Looking good, Eric. Cherry with chicken sounds good. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished.
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This is working out great!!!!!!!!

After 1 hour - 30 minutes in the smoke I decided to pull and prep to sear:

Chip and coal remnants, if you're curious...I added another 2/3-3/4 lb of hot coals:

Back for searing:

Getting closer...mmmmmmmm:

Split back open to sear the interior:

Onto the Q-tray...foreground is the smoke grill marks, the rest are layed with the interior seasoning faced up:

My plate with a baked tater:

I'm battling with extremely slow download speeds again tonight...wheeeeeeeeew finally got it all! LOL!!!!!!!!

Total smoke time was 90 minutes. I slow seared for about another 30.

The cherry smoke flavor was not quite as prominent as I had hoped for, but you could definately tell it was there...nice flavor in the chicken. These are still really good for a short smokin' fix.

Unanimous rave reviews here from the family, and I really liked 'em too, so, I guess I'll count this one as another home run!

Thanks to everyone for checking out my grub!

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Nice smoke Eric.
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You know you have slow dial up when it takes as long to upload the q-view as it does to smoke the thighs PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Awesome lookin grub, thanks for sharing!!!
aka Rocky
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Thanks Matt and Scott.

The really funny part about my upload ain't dial-up, it's a DSL router! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes snails can crawl faster! Heh-heh!

Have a good one man!

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Sweet, nice Job Eric.
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Good looking chix! Cherry is my wood of choice for poultry too.
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Those look great! I really like the mod too . . . very cool.

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Very Nice, Eric. Chicky thighs are the most flavorfull.
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Looks great, Eric! I'll have to give that a try, sounds delicious. smile.gif
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