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Bought the WSM for my husband

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He always gets suspicious when I tell him an upcoming gift will be something "we'll both enjoy"...guess it was because of the bread machine I gave him for Father's Day one year! He liked the bread, so he shouldn't complain.

But I think the Weber Smokey Mountain wood smoker was more appreciated.

It came a little early, arrived today. I found it for $224 with free shipping from deal I could find!

He has a ridiculously enormous stainless steel propane grill, one with BTU ratings that'd heat a house, but it's not the same as a real smoker.

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Welcome to SMF. Nice present. Glad you joined us. If you havent taken the 5 day e course I would highly suggest it. Lots of great information there.

Again Welcome
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Congratulations on the new smoker! I bet your husband will love it too. Welcome to the forum. :)
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Welcome lowflyer.
Great gift you got for him, I'm sure he will LOVE it.
If he loves grilling there is no way he would not dig smoking as well.
Make sure you let him know about this site and to look around and gather up some ideas.
Has he seen the smoker yet or are you going to surprise him with it?
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Nice present I'm sure he will enjoy that one for sure. I suggest you point him to SMF too there is lots of good stuff he can find here. Of course when he becomes addicted remember you started it biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum. As was already said, make sure your husband gets on here too. There is an awful lot of information here just waiting to be absorbed.
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He came and told me it had just been delivered...he didn't know what I was going to get him, but he's happy! He'd been looking into getting one, and from what I've read the WSM is a good one for a beginner. He cooks on the grill year 'round, sometimes three or four times a week. One year he busted the rotisserie with a whole suckling pig.

As soon as he opened the box and saw what it was, he grabbed my laptop to look at the History to see what websites I'd gone to, to get information about smokers and so on. I have an idea it'll be fired up for an initial run within a day or so. Good thing our firewood is seasoned oak...
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You are a squared-away wife! Congratulations PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I'm sure your husband appreciates your gift and now you two can reap the tasty rewards...yum!
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Welcome to SMF. Remember, smoking is low and slow, don't rush it. Another good thing to remember is "THIN BLUE SMOKE" thats all the smoke you will need. Ya'll enjoy your smokes and show us some qview soon. We love it.
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welcome to SMF
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Aloha and welcome to SMF. I hope to see your husband checking in soon.
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Welcome to the SMF, if your husband joins, you can become one smokin' tag team. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. I'm sure you and your husband will both enjoy the food from the smoker.
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Welcome aboard...glad ta have ya both here!
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Lowflyer's Hubie here :) there are times my wife shines and the smoker is one of them, as she has said I have been thinking and looking in to getting one for a long time. After looking around here and other sites I noticed that a lot of people quickly mod there WSM and it took all of one day for me to update mine, first was at dial temp gauge I located at the lowest rack and two handles on the middle smoke chamber ( why Weber does not have these to start I can't fadom)

With all that done I got my first pice of meat going right now I'll let ya all know how it goes
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Welcome to SMF.. Congrats on the new gift. both of you will enjoy it's rewards. Don't forget the Qview.
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Welcome to the SMF! I'm sure your husband will enjoy the smoker. The WSM is and excellent smoker for the beginner but also for the advanced. I've seen a lot of them at competitions. You definitely did good!
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Welcome Lowflyer and husband!
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welcome to SMF first off. He will love the smoker and this site too. These guys and girls really know their stuff so look listen and learn. but always remember once cooked once HOOKED.
PS You have a sister??
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