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Is it OK?

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Hey everyone, is it rude to ask how you do some of the things I see here? Like recipe rubs and method, that kind of thing? Sorry new, don't want to offend anyone
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Not at all...ask away....have fun!!!
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Its not rude to ask for those things. Some people may give you good answers and some may choose not to give out their rub secrets. Jeff's rub and BBQ sauce are good. You may want to purchase the recipes. He offeres a money back guarantee if you do not like it.
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Sharing information is one of the best things we do. Ask away!
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Absolutely feel free to ask anything. There are a few members that do competition cooking/catering and may not want to give away everything but even then those members will usually still point you in the right direction.
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That's why most of us are here. To learn new things and bounce ideas off each other and sometimes show off a little when something goes really right.

Ask away and welcome to the SMF
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Never hesitate to ask! More than likely you'll get ideas you never would have thought of...just remember to give credit where credit is due.

The great folks who moderate this forum do not tolerate any negativity so you will never feel like you've asked a dumb question.
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Dude, you nailed it.

This is a great exchange of knowledge and I'm sure you will meet some new friends along the way too! Welcome and fire away!
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Very typical with most forums. People love to share information about their passions. I've learned so much about my hobbies from internet forums. So ask away.
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