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warming splits

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My roommate just bought a blow torch for god knows what and i have been using it to warm and essentially combust my splits. Just wanted to know if this is an acceptable (all be it manly method in my mind) method to get the thin blue smoke?
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I use this to start splits and campfires biggrin.gif
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Whatever floats the boat. Just be sure and use caution with anything near that torch.
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So I don't get carried away with the torch I start charcoal with the torch, then add splits. I also warm them on the firebox before adding them to the fire. I like the torch, but only use it initially.
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That's similar to the way I start my chimney (good especially in the rain). My I'm not to experienced with warming the split on the sfb. How long should I let it go? Or do I need to wait for smoke?
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Yer headed in the right directionbiggrin.gif

I am a stick burner and pre-burn all my wood so as to get rid of all the nasties...redface.gif

In this:

and my heat source looks like this:

But starting with a torch is a good thing tooicon_arrow.gif However (IMHO) I'd do away with the charcoal thingy-too many bad smells and taste for meicon_eek.gif
Chunks can be started in a chiminey,and added to the smoker in the same manner as the(yuk)coal.And the torch will eliminate the newspaper smoke,just stick it in one of the holes on the bottom.PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif

Have fun and , SMOKE HAPPY :)-
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That torch from HF was the best $20 I've ever spent. It scares the crap out of people.
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I got one of those torches this last year. I agree, best money I've spent in a while. I use it to light the lump. Then I set fire to some splits and let them burn outside the fire box until the smoker is up to temp, then I throw them on top. Then I burn the trash, the weeds, wasp nests....and whatever else my inner caveman/pyro wants to "flame on" (as my 7 year old likes to say evertime daddy fires up the torch).
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