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Ribs Qvid

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Here is a little video my friend put together when I brought the Meco down to his place. He couldn't spend much tome on it because we had beer to drink and xbox to play but it's entertaining none the less.

I am not sure if this will stream or if you have to download it. If it doesn't work I can upload a flash version instead.
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Well nice job Ron, food looked great.
I liked the editing you did with the video.
When I clicked on the link it takes me to a Quicktime streaming video that took a few minutes to load, right clicking and save video as: was a bit quicker but both worked.
Points for some nice creativity.
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Hope all turned out just fine for you. Thanks for the video. I was wondering if you cooked/smoked the poultry over your ribs. If you did, that is not a good thing to do. Always cook poultry below pork and beef. You can very easily get cross contamination from the poultry drippings landing on your pork/beef. Another reason, is that poultry drippings on pork or beef will not taste as good as when pork or beef is dripping on your poultry.
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Thanks for the poultry tip jazzspot, hadn't considered that.
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Great video, loved the background music.biggrin.gif
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Good video, and cool tunes. Nice job on the smoke too.

So how 'bout it Ron, what's up with the schlitz beer? Like I said in another one of your threads, I bought some of the "new" old recipe stuff, and it is darned tasty...I'm guessing that you really like it too??
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Maybe this statement is a good subject in the new food safety section. I won't argue the point in this thread.
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BBQ, I've been meaning to respond to the other thread I will shortly.
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