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A BIG !!!!! Thank You to all

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This past weekend I went camping with some friends and brought along my CGSP that I did all the mods to for a test run. I put in a baffle,tuning plates 2 new thermomtersat grate level and an expanded metal fire box grate along with the 3 inch smoke stack all ideas that I got from ******.net-Downloads. and it worked like a champ. At one point of the smoke I had the stack side at 240 and the firebox side at 230 Saturday night I made pulled pork with SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce and Sunday night it was St. Louis style ribs with a rub made of a mix of a bunch of peoples idea's .Monday afternoon I made a small batch of wings which I have made for many years before we broke camp. So I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all of you that I took tips from along the way. You always know when you do a good job with your cooking when it gets real quiet when the food comes out....icon_lol.gif
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Congrats mcmelik, glad everything worked out great.
Sure sounds like it was a great Weekend.
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Glad you found the information you were looking for. Sure is nice when you can impress your friends with your cooking.
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Im glad that all the information on the site was helpful to you. This is a great place to learn.
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Congratulations on the weekend smoke! Bet the camping was great too. cool.gif
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Great to hear that all went just fine and everyone had a great time. It sounded like a fabulous weekend for sure.
Just one thing though mcmelik...

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Glad to know it all worked out for you. Enjoy my friend.
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I know I know. I didn't even think about bringing the camera.......Sorry. Doing a brisket a couple of fatties and some more wings this weekend for the family. I will try a little harder to get some pics.
I do like your picture though Jazzspot !!
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Nice and congrats
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Congratulations on a great camping trip....Looks like you may have the job of camp cook again next year....:>)
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you mean that I have to try and get some pictures of this weekends smoke.
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are you two --melick's related?

and is that the iowa hawkeyes as your avatar?

jazzspot...that's classic. can i steal it and use it?

oh yeah, congrats on your weekend smoke.
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yes sir we are related...that is the man that taught me the art of smoking.
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Yes that is God's team coming onto Kinnick Go Hawk's !!!!!! And yes we are related. It is Scott and Mark Cmelik
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