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Hunka Cured Smoked Pork

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I cured some pork shoulder pieces with a mix of TQ and sugar then smoked with hickory on my drum.

Used 1 TBS of TQ mixed with 1 tsp of sugar PER pound of meat...

Sprinkled the cure on and let the meat sit for 3 hours....

Rinsed the pork in cool water, rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with cracked black pepper...

Smoked on my drum for about 1 hour at 275 degrees...

The cured pork was pretty tasty, nice and moist too.

Thanks for checking out my supper.
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Nice Jeanie, I was wondering whee you were. Those look great.
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Thanks Ron! smile.gif
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Nice looking pork, Jeanie! I guess curing for such a short period that it wasn't salty? Thanks for the Qview.
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Looks good, Jeanie. What's the side dish?
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That be a right fine supper indeed!
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Great looking food, Jeannie! Did you get the cured flavor in the pork butt steaks?
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Nice lookin meal Jeanie...pork looks delicious!!
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nice looking pork steaks Jeanie... that last pic sorta says it all with that nice color inside. it had to be good!!! nice pix, plating, and of course the final pic just sorta leavin ya set here and imagine how good it was!!! thks for sharing!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those look delic, and the pics of them plated are really, really nice! Thanks for posting.


P.S. Did the cure flavor come through for ya?
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Awesome looking Jeanie.
Just curious, what are the benefits to curing for such a short time to the end product?
I remember while stationed in Germany them doing the same thing to pork chops, at least that is what I was told while at the restaurant, after doing a search online and if memory serves me correctly it was called "Gepockelte".

I found a recipe on Morton Salt website German-Style Cured Pork Chops

Thanks for sharing,
aka Rocky
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? on cure

thanks for the nice qview looks great but what does a 3 hour cure do and how is sodium. i'm pretty much salt free & just dont care for the taste of salt anymore but this looks great.
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Beautiful pork, Jeanie and I loved those greens on the side. Thanks for sharing such an outstanding meal!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you folks!

Keith, the cure makes it taste a bit like ham. I do not add any more salt before smoking, just cracked black pepper.

Dawn, the side dish was a "weed" called lambsquarter....

Thanks Trav!
Pops, they did have the "cured" taste. I like to do the same with stuffed chops too. :)

Thank you Gene and Eraine! biggrin.gif

Trout, the cure flavor does come through, it doesn't take long using tenderquick. :)

Matt, I like to cure chops too...
here's the last jalapeno cornbread stuffed cured chops I smoked.

Terry, it wasn't overly salty to me, but if you are not fond of salt it might be a bit much for you. If you like ham you will like this.

Rivet, thanks!! Glad you liked my "weeds" too! cool.gif
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Very nice Jeanie!!
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