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Brisket and burnt ends.

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Fired up the WSM this weekend and tossed on a brisket... Splashed some Tabasco Spicey Worcestershire sauce, coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper...

Came out black, but pretty good eats...

Separated the point, cubed it up and put it in a pan. Coated with some spicey rub, and a few red pepper flakes and then tossed in bit of SuckleBusters BBQ Sauce. Put the ends back on the WSM for a few more hours in the pecan smoke.

Here's the results.

Spicey, smokey and just the right amount of chew!
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That looks VERY nicePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice lookin grub there.
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That looks really good :)
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That's the way to do it

Very nice indeed!

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Looks delicious, nice and juicy. Nice job on the burnt ends, too. smile.gif
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Real nice lookin briskie...love the ends!!
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Looks great! What temps did you cook and pull at?
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great looking brisky there. and dang do the ends look good!!! sucklebusters eh??? nice brisket smokePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those look awesome!
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Oh snap! Gettin all crazy and being a rebel, doin' your own thing eh??

Looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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wow good looken briskey bet that had a little kick to her.
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Ahh yeah dude. Thanks for making my stomach growl!!! I JUST ate! Very good looking brisket!
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You guys crack me up...OH Snap!

Burnt ends are one of my all time favorites, and those look amazing. Man, you got some points coming for that! points.gif
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I was just going to bed and now I'm hungry, darn you! Great looking smoke!
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Fantastic juicy brisket and those burnt ends look amazing.
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Dang, gotta be some of the best pics of a brisket I've seen! Great job.
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That looks awesome. Love the bark. Points for a fine looking smoke. Way to go!
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Thanks for the compliments!

The brisket cooked overnight, about 10 hrs total at 235° in the WSM. Put it on at midnight and took it off right after 10am. Honestly don't know the final internal temp. I had figured that it might take about 10hrs, so I went to check it at that time and when I did the temp probe went into and pulled out of the flat with no resistance (got lucky?), so I wrapped it at that time. Rested for about 2 hrs. Separated the point, cubed it up as described and put it back on the WSM at about 250° for another 3 hrs.
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Yep. http://www.sucklebusters.com/ Good stuff (not connected with them, but like the BBQ Sauce and hot sauces)
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