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Good Rub!

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Ok I bit the big one !
I went ahead and bought Jeffs recipe just to see how it would go. I smoked the ribs Saturday and I have to admit they were Great! I didnt make enough to satisfy all who showed up , So I made them again Sunday. I used the rub as he directed, but on Sunday I covered the rub in Light brown sugar let them sit 10 minutes or so to solitify on each side , then hit them with the rub again and WOW. I also added A little extra Red pepper to the sauce to Spice it up a little more, It went very well.icon_twisted.gif
Needless to say all who came Saturday returned on Sunday for round 2.
Very Positive feedback from all who were present. Thanks and Happy Smoking!
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great to hear-ya
his rub seems pretty good.
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The rub is good as is, I always make a double batch. You can also doctor it up more to your liking if you want.

The best part about the recipe from Tulsa Jeff is it helps support this forum.

Sounds like a Win-Win to me!
aka Rocky
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You're right, that is good rub!! If you haven't tried the sauce you're missing out. My wife likes the rub so much that when I grill pork chops she likes me to rub them down too.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Yep, no doubt Jeff's rub is awesome, I use it on a very regular basis...matter of fact I need to make some more before this weekend.
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