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Camping fatties

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Did two fatties this morning. I don't have many pics I'm afraid. By the time I got them off the ECB my wife starting cutting them and the next thing I knew they were gone!

I did one with scrambled eggs, maple ham, and cheddar cheese. The other was a waffle & syrup one. The waffle one was a hit!. Normally these would also be bacon wrapped, but my bacon was in the camper next door and I figured me knocking on the door at 6am would not go over well sO i did them plain. They still turned out great!

Next time I'll pay more attention to my Qview!
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Looks great to me Billbo!
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Those both look and sound great! I gotta do a waffle or pancake fatty sometime...reminds me of when I was a kid and we did sausage, egg and pancake feeds after sunday mass at church...dipping kielbasa in syrup...mmmmmmmm........mmmmmmmmmmmm.........mmmmm mmm!!!!!!!

Thanks, Billbo!

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The kids loved em too so that was a big plus. All I did was cut up waffles into pieces and squirted them with syrup & rolled it up.
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Looking good. You have got to be quick with the camera when the Fatty comes off the Smoker. They don't last long after the first cut.
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Looks great Bill, bet they were tasty!
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nice job Billbo but they look so naked without bacon :) , where were ya camping at?
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Billbo, sounds good, so what temp and how long?

Silver Smoker w/mods
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Nice looking camping food.
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