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Newbie with a little experience, need help with my Smoke-N-Pit!

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icon_lol.gif Hello Friends,

My name is Barry (real name) otherwise known as the "Virginia Smoke Signal", I am kind of a newbie but have in the past done some meat smoking on a kind of hit and miss basis. I am now the proud owner of a Brinkmann Smoke-n-Pit, smoker that has not been used very much but has not been taken good care of either. My brother gave it to me now that he is a total "gas grill convert" and since I had wanted to get back in to smoking meat he gave it to me. I am in the process of cleaning it up and would like to do some modifications on it before I get started. The problem I have had is finding a site or someone who knows what I should do to this smoker and can explain it in simple yet detailed terms. The one site I did find made the owner of any Binkmann product feel like an idiot for having one that their suggestions did not make a lot of sense. Can anyone help me with knowing what to do to my dear Brinkman Smoke-N-Pit? Anyway, I am located in the Southwestern part of Virginia between West Virginia and Kentucky! I am new to being on a Forum so if I screw something up just let me know. I am a 48 year old single guy who came through college about the time they were changing from punch cards to the first compters. Any assistance or friends would be great for me as I get started in the "Real World of Meat Smoking"!
Your New Friend,
Barry, the "Virginia Smoke Signal"
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Welcome to SMF, Barry. Glad you joined us.

I don't have the same smoker you do, but someone will be along shortly who does and they'll be able to help you with it. smile.gif
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Barry welcome to SMF congrats on the smoker try clicking on this link and see if that helps any if not there should be threads in the charcoal section that do
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Hi Barry,

Nice that you joined the SMF, no better place on the planet for smoking/barbecuin information or advice. It's also a great place to pop a cold one, prop yer feet up and jest relax in the internet smoking world!

Glad to hear you have a Smoke N' Pit, cause that's what I have and think it's one of the greatest smokers for the money in the world. WIth a little bit of tweaking you will be throwing down some Vuh-Ginney-Ah barbecue with the best of them!

By the way, nice to hear your from Virginia. Grew up there meself. What part of the western state you from? Met my wife in Roanoke.

Anyway, no worries, you can ask anything here and you 'll be a-ok. No dumb questions here, all is good and we like to help folks get better at what they do.

For starters, check out Jeff's 5 day smoking e-course for free. You can find the link on the LEFT HAND side of the home page of SMF.

Then, check out this link. I have put together a brushstroke of all the modifications an SnP might need, with pictures.

If you want any details, PM me and I will fill you in on a lot of what you may want to know. If you want the mods made, I have a welder that is good and can duplicate what I have. I recommend you decide what you want, what works for you and you go from there.

Barry, take care and may the TBS follow you wherever ya go!
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Look at this thread to see how I modified the down draft. I followed the advice of the other guys here and it has helped tremendously in getting the temps right.

Also there was a great post recently where Rivet chimed in and helped out with using the charcoal pan as a deflector. Look in the charcoal smoker section.

Any other questions feel free to ask.

Vegas Frak
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listen to rivet - do everything rivet says.
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Hi Barry! Welcome aboard! I know what you mean about some places making you feel inferior, based on what you use. I don't think you'll see that here...we're all family, and folks are using everything from the cheapos to the big dollar custom rigs.

I have done several mods on my brinky as well, though, I'm not done yet! The charcoal smoker forum shows alot of tricks you can do.

Glad to hear another smoker is getting ready to be fired up! The more the merrier!

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welcome to SMF-ya riv has your answers-good job rivet
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Welcome Barry, you will love it here.
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Welcome to the site Barry. No worries about anyone here putting you down for any reason. Whether it be considered a "noob" question or not we all started in the same boat and are happy to help in any way possible so please, never hesitate to ask questions.
As others stated Rivet will point you in the right direction.
Just recently bought my first sNp and his suggestions and help has been beyond invaluable.
Glad to have you hear and look forward to many a delicious Qview.
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Welcome Barry. That Smoke-N-Pit will work just fine.
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Rivet, thanks so much for the information and to everyone who has welcomed me to SMF. It really makes me feel at home here. I live about 2 hrs. southwest of Roanoke, in Buchanan County which is between West Virginia and Kentucky, look for the hump on the toe of the Virginia Boot and that's where I am located. Thanks again to everyone, I'll try to help with anything I can!
Barry Ratliff
Virginia Smoke Signal
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Welcome Barry! Looks like your getting a bunch of good info already. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Welcome to the SMF my friend. You'll always have plenty of friendly advise from these folks. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome to SMF, Barry.

Here's how I modded my SnP.

Certainly not the only way obviously but will give you some options.

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Greetings from Kansas.
This is a great forum with a lot of great folks that'll bend over bassackwards to help ya out.
Gotta warn ya tho, after ya start to read in here it gets very addicting, and yer doctor ain't gonna be very happy either after ya try every recipe ya find.

I don't have a Brinkman SnP, but from what I've read it's a great smoker with some mods.

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