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First Fatty

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Had some leftover spaghetti sauce in the fridge and some meat balls and sweet Italian sausage in the freezer so I figured, what the heck............
Got good reviews from the folks I shared it with at the lodge. Think I'll surprise them with some ABT next Saturday night. biggrin.gif

In with the ribs...

My sauce disappeared. I like my bacon, crisp!

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Hi, this is Beerbelly just testing, I just posted a pic and saw your pics, looks good, wanted to test reply, thanks
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Nice job on that first fattie, bet it won't be your last.
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Very well done for a first-timer! The sauce may have seeped out alittle, but it will blend into the cheese quite a bit as well, it makes an even better sauce that way, and will stay pretty firm for slicing.

Lookin' good, Dhunter!

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The beauty of the fattie is you can put anything in them and they taste great.
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Great looking first time fattie. You had that baby loaded up. I'm surprised it rolled and didn't blow out. But it looks like you're off to a great career in fattie making.
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Nice job on your first fatty. Looks good. smile.gif
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That a good looking fattie. Dudes was right that's alot of stuff in there. Just remember one cooked one HOOKED.
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Nice use of the leftovers. fattie looks great.
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Nice lookin' fatty you've got there.
points.gif for sharing it!
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Gotta give you points for that one Dhunter.
I would have been terrified of the entire thing splitting open with the ricotta and sauce but you sure pulled it off.
Great work!
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