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Memorial Day Smoke and Birthday

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Had my wife's son and his wife along with their two kids come for a Holiday visit. Since Rob's wife is a vegan icon_eek.gif , he doesn't get much good food, so I decided to spoil him some.

Country Style Ribs with Chicken Wings

Ribs done

Wings finished smoking, now on to the grill

Crisping up the wings. Also some shrimp and chicken tenders for the picky eating granddaughter :crook:

Pork Butt getting foiled

Rob's first plate of food.

And possibly the last shot from my Olympus C-740 3 meg as it has sat out in a 1 inch rain storm :cuss:

eBay, here I come.

And grandson Sebastian officially celebrated his Terrible Two....actually he has started earlier at that :nilly:

Hope you had a good Holiday.
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Looks like a great weekend...congrats
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Nicely done PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Don't you just love to cook when the vegans are coming?PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif Good looking smoke. Thanks for the pics.
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Man you did spoil him. Looks mighty fine.
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Nice job Flash. Great to see a post from you again!

Too bad about the camera, your pics are about the best on the site!
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Very nice food you have there.points.gif
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