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1st Chuckie

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Well I bought 2 chuck roasts a month or so ago and thought that today would be the perfect day to try it out.

2lbs Chuck roast
Approx. 1.5 TBS of Montreal Steak seasoning

I was going to try to use the same rub I'm using for my pork shoulder, but really wanted to keep it simple on this since it's my first.

I'll have some Qview in a few...nothing from the prep process since this was pretty straightforward.
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Here we go:

The TBS is rolling nicely from the hickory/cherry mix

Dang fine piece of meat


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LOL, fine looking helpers you have. Just keep an eye on them, as they have been known to "help themselves" to unattended goodies.

Look forward to more Q-view.
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Nice chucky. Great looking helpers. I miss mine.
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Looking good. Keep us posted. smile.gif
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The Indiana guys have their smokers fired up this weekend! biggrin.gif
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That's how we roll! Nothing beats the smoker on race weekend!

The chuckie is out at 165 and wrapped in foil.
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looks great but where the finishing pics you got my mouth watering. Those are some good looking helper you have there.
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I would guess you planned on slicing it??
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Hopefully he didn't take it into the wall PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Here's the chuckie rested for about 3 hours

I did slice it this time.

The smoke ring lookin' good

Ended up chopping it up for sammies

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How was it at 165* tender enough? I try to go passed 200 and pull it.
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