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made 3 different sausage finally

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finally have some time to post up some pics...not much pics to speak of. but we made about 28 lbs or so. all was good except the chorizo. it wasn't bad but i like the store bought better. I will be trying a couple home made recipes this coming weekend. to see if I like those better. all the others (maple, spicie breakfast sausage) were great. I had got the ready made spice blocks from butcher packer. any way this stuff is awesome and can't wait to do bruat's and kielbasa's. thanks for lookin

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Looks like you'll have enough to last for awhile. Rytek Kutas has a chorizo recipe in his book, but before using, check the amount of vinegar. I haven't tried it, but it calls for the same amount of vinegar in the 10 pound batch as in the 25 pound batch. Might have to adjust that.
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thanks for the heads up...i never noticed that.
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nice sausage, how do you like the plastic bags? ive been thinking about getting one of those bag tapers and bags like that for when I make bulk sausage.
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Very nice. Looking good. Making sausage is so rewarding eh?

I like to have a sausage patty every morning so I 1/2 freeze those bags then cut them with the wrapper on - take off the wrapper and vacu pack 7 patties per package. So I have exactly 7 days worth of patties!
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I love them. perfect for 1 or 1 1/2 lbs.I did just that last night with one for a breakfast dinner with some sausage patties. the spicie was very good cooked like that. I didn't think i would like it but me and the whole family did.
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The latest edition of Rytek Kutas book fixed the Vinegar problem 1 cup for 10lbs and 2 1/2 cups for 25 lbs.
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Looks like a great pile o'sausage! Congrats!!

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