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First Fattie.....YUMMY

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So I did my first fattie this morning. Used hot breakfast sausage, and put scrambled eggs, hash browns, and cheese it it. Turned out great!!
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nice looking fattie there, glad you enjoyed it. Now you're hooked aren't you? icon_twisted.gif
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Nice job! Already thinking of your next one? icon_lol.gif
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Good looking fattie. I don't even bother doing just one at a time. Two or three maybe.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Congrats on your first fattie.
I'm with Bassman, I would throw on 2-3 most times.
They freeze, thaw, refreeze, reheat beautifully, I have 4-5 in the freezer right now that I slice for breakfast sammies.
What type of smoke did you use?
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Congrats on your first FATTY, now you can expand the envelope that is only dictated by your imagination and your taste buds. it's all good my friend.
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Yeah ive already got a ton of ideas for my next one's. My dad was all over it and was checking some of the other ones, im surprised he isnt having me smoke today!! oh and I used a combo of mesquite and apple.
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That looks good & juicy, nice job!
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Congrats on your first fattie and welcome to the fattie fan club!
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Nice looking fattie specially on your first try. Just remember one cooked one hooked.
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Congratulations FireWillie, looks mighty tasty!!
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Looks great FireWillie!
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Looks Great, I am envious, I have not tried a fatty yet. Coming soon.
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