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Shrimp Ribs

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I brined some nice black tiger shrimp in salt, sugar and some cajun seasonings.......

Mixed up a rub of garlic powder, onion powder, Old Bay Seasoning, light brown sugar and cumin.

shrimp threaded on skewers............

Shrimp ribs ready for rub ............

Resting and getting ready for the grill

Some fresh garlic and EVOO .............

On to the hot grill using some Royal Oak lump charcoal along with some apple wood. Some marinated chicken breasts and asparagus to round out the meal ............

shrimp ribs hot off the grill ..............

Ready to start the party ...........

Thanks for viewing!
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I must have lost my invitation to the party!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif That's some excellent looking shrimp.
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ya bass I wern't invited either-looks good blues.
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Those sure look fit for a king. Nice job.
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Excellent rib-setup there and you got me on the grilled aspara-goose! My favorite, here. One question, though.... how did the shrimpers take to the brine? Did they actually "keep" any of the flavor?
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I usually brine the shrimp in just sugar and salt. Added the cajan seasoning this time. The shrimp were plumper than before the brine so I'm sure that they took in some of the flavor. I only had time to brine them for about an hour. It might have helped to let them brine longer.
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Dang, was I at the wrong party or what? I know I missed a good thing. Thanks for at least sharing the pics.
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Thjat some good lookin shrimp. wish I was there. drool drool. ? for you did the shrimp hold the favor from the brine? I have never heard of brining shrimp
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Looking good blues man. Thats another one for the todo list.
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I always brine my shrimp in at least a salt brine. It plumps the shrimp up and helps keep them from drying out. Anyone else brine shrimp?
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Tiger shrimp are imported from the Far East. If they where purchased frozen they have probably been treated to preserve freshness and moisture. If I remember correctly you will see "water added" on the label. In that case they are probably as plump as you can get them.

We do Gulf of Mexico shrimp all the time and we use Italian dressing, soy sauce, and spices as a marinade. We then warm some crushed garlic in melted butter and use to baste.

Never the less what you did looks great and delicious so I'm not offering any advicce just an observation.

Thanks for the Qview.

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