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I think I pulled a first...

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Alright so my family and I have been cooking up some new ideas and this is what we came up with.

We butterflied chicken breasts and then pounded them out/together to substitute the sausage

This is imitation crab meat, cream cheese, and the small wild onions plus some of the stems (chives if you will)

This one is just a egg, vidalia onion, and mushroom

into the fridge overnight

Happy me with my product

End product

I would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone. It turned out absolutely amazing if you like crab meat, I have to use imitation because im allergic to the real stuff. But it was awesome!

Anyway thanks again for looking
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Pretty impressive lookin' fatties! Nice bacon weave also. I need to learn how to do that. Very creative with the chicken breastsPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif Awesome qvue!

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Those look great! I'll have to give the chicken one a try. Hubby's allergic to shellfish too.
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Mmmm bacon wrapped chicken!
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Awesome idea with the chicken. Nice qview. Points!!
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Look amazing! I'm going to print this one out. I love crab and chicken, and I can only imagine how good that was, especially wrapped in bacon!

Thanks for the q-view. points.gif

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WOW! That looks great...I need to get my imagination hat!
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Looks excellent. I'll have to try the chicken and crab. Thanks for the pics.
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Looks Real good. I will have to put that on my list. Thanks for the pics..
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Looks great Benjamin.
Nice pink ring on your sausage one. Great job with the chicken, though I don't care for crab I'm going to try that with some other ingredients inside.
Points to ya for a job well done.
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Both fatty's look great; ecspecially the chicken and crab..... NICE !!!
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Great job on that! The ckicken just opened my mind to endless possibilities. Chicken, steak, Pork. Where does one end?
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thanks a lot dude. now i have two more fatties to try
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Nice work... Maybe you should send some up my way if you have any left over... I like to be the official taste tester here on the forum... (I WISH!!!)
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Nice idea with the chicken...and, bacon makes EVERYTHING better, too! Good lookin' fatties, Benjamin.

Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! I really appreciate it seeing as I am one of the more junior members on here.

I have plenty more great ideas cooking upstairs and I hope to keep you all entertained and inspired.
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Excellent job Benjamin.....they both look delicious!!
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That chicken fatty looks seriously good. Points for originality . . . and great photos, too.
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fatty or stuffed rolled chicken breasts, makes no difference... that is sweet. i got to try that with the seafood stuffing. that looks like something i would love. thanks for sharing. just goes to show how we all are here to share ideas and it dont matter how long you been around to contribute. great smoke, great pix, points from me bud!!!
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awsome idea
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