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Memorial Day Chicken on my UDS

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Using pecan wood and cherry wood for smoked goodness. Sauce will be a modified Memphis bbq sauce. (little less vinegar and a little more sweet).

click thumbnail for enlarged pic.

Getting "Sauced".

All done!

Off the pit and about to be served!

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Looking good. Cant wait to see the finish.
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Lookin good so far. Like your built-in side tray too!
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I am in love with those shots of bbq chicken!!! Did you brine them prior to subjecting them to the smoke, or did they go straight from butcher package to smoker?

Nice pics, like the rig too!
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I always keep things simple. I either use just kosher salt and pepper, sometimes I marinate them in Italian dressing or in the case of today I had some McCormick brand "Rotisserie Seasoning" that I used. The one thing that I do with chicken, specifically with the thighs as they are easy to do this with, is pull the skin back from the meat in a way that you leave some of it attached. I then season the meat, then I pull the skin back and tuck it under when I put on the pit. After it has been on the pit for a little while, it usually stays put if you don't get too rough in turning it.

I always sauce my chicken, or any other meat that I am going to sauce, the last half hour (give or take.. depending on how hot the coals are). Chicken I usually cook on my UDS at about 275 for about the first hour and a half, then let it go to 300 and keep the heat there till it's done.

I don't think I've ever brined chicken for bbq. Never really found it necessary, although people that do swear by it.
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looks real good
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