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1st Brisket!

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Rubbed with salt, pepper, and garlic powder last night. Let it sit for an hour or so this morning. We're up to 143 degrees 3 hours into the process. Added more wood about half way to this point. Using hickory & apple. Took a pinch off the end (143's done enough for a pinch for me!) -- mmmm! So far so good! I'll grill some hotdogs for now since it'll still be a while. The smell is killing me!! I want it now! When should I wrap it in foil? Isn't it supposed to be around 140??
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I wrap at 160-165 then take to 188-190 for slicing or 205 for pulling.

Good luck and i cant wait to see the qview.
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Here's my qview!

It turned out awesome! Juicy, just right smokiness, tender. What more could you want? Well, I do know -- a good pink smoke ring. That's the one thing I didn't get a good one of. I think I see one, just not what I was expecting. Does that depend on the kind of wood you use maybe? Mine was hickory and apple. I used my own bbq sauce. A couple of hours before it was done I had to take it inside to finish in the oven because it started to downpour here. But 220 is 220 (which is what my smoker runs) once it's in its foil -- right? Anyway -- here's the pics!
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Looking good! Sometimes you get a good smoke ring and sometimes you don't. I don't think you can taste the smoke ring anyway. Wouldn't worry about it. Do another one and see how it turns out.biggrin.gif
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Brian just gave you some great advise. That's exactly how I smoke my butts/shoulders/cushion meat. It's all good my friend.
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Susan, I know you have covered this area of smoking. But make sure you have checked the calibration of your therm, in boiling water it should be close to 212°, in iced water, close to 32°. Thanks for sharing the Q View.
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Looks great, hope you enjoyed it. Man my fingers were working overtime on the text messages today. LOL Hope the family liked it too.
Let me in on that sauce someday icon_lol.gif
I got 3 on the watt burner as I type this for my mom's b-day tomorrow, plus 30 lbs of suasage, 15 jap and 15 german ring.
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smoke ring

Don't worry too much about the ring, I get one about 1/2 the time usually less of a ring if I use foil, more ring if I don't wrap and just let it smoke the whole time. How many pounds was your brisket? The last one I did was 18 lbs and I smoked it at 200 for almost 24 hours to get to 200degrees, had a good smoke ring great flavor but was worn out from geting up every hour to mop it. I think I'll do the foil next time so I can sleep through the night. Great looking Q vue.
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Nice job on the brisket...
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I completely agree about needing to calibrate thermometers. I have all sorts of them I use for different things -- baking, candy making, canning, meat, fridge, freezer, grill, smoker -- you name it! I have a thermometer for it and I check them. But I know my mom never used a thermometer while I was growing up except when she made fudge -- but she also was able to catch the oven on fire making pot pies (don't ask me how!). So I'm a firm believer! Thanks for all of the input!

(Gotta move fast to keep up with my texting fingers Lawdog!)
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Nice job! Glad it turned out well for you.
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