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Hi from Blanchard

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Hi, I'm Dutches and from Blanchard Michigan.
I am new beyond new to smoking. We have a char-broil water smoker,that we lost the instructions to smoke due to a house fire a few years back. I am trying to figure that out along with learning to smoke meat.
I want to try and make some jerky out of the lamb meat that I have in the freezer. I raise Shetland Sheep.
We have a dead apple tree out back that I was going to use some for the wood chips and use charcoal along with it. ( I am still in the thinking stage of this part,icon_question.gif)
I hope to learn alot from all of you.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. I'm not familiar with your smoker but I'm sure we have some members who are and will be along to help shortly. You'll find lots of good info here and members that like to help out
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Welcome! You will find all of the advice you need right here. Post a pic of your smoker for us!
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Welcome to the forum. You must be the last and only person living in Blanchard! I haven't been there in over 35 years. Don't tell anyone, but I was born and raised just north of Remus.icon_eek.gif You've found the best smoking site on the web.
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welcome to SMF-alot of good info in here-go to there web site for anything u need to know about the smoker-and hang around in here to learn smoking-won't take long.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Hello Dutches, welcome to the SMF! You've found the right site....poke around, read a post, ask some questions........Lot's of helpful folks here and lots to learn about throwing down a feast.
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Wow not a lot of shepherds around now a days. Welcome to the SMF.

The apple wood should be fine as long as its dry. You're looking for thin blue smoke not billowing white smoke.

For how to build a fire, smoke some meat etc. check out Jeff's free 5 day ecourse.
Perfect for us newbies, Highly reccommended.

Also check out the other links on the left hand side of the page, some amazing stuff there.
Good luck in your smoking and if you have any problems or need some guidance this is the place to ask. We love to help other smokers learn the craft.

In return we love to see qview ( pictures of your smokes ) especially your very first smokes.
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Welcome to SMF Dutches - Best of luck on all your smoking! You'll get a lot of help from a lot of people here!
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Welcome to the SMF family, Dutches. As GnuBee mentioned, check out the free 5-day ecourse that's offered through the site. It's helped a bunch of us launch into this awesome hobby with information on how to cook meat to the proper temps, to brining and rubbing your meats prior to smoking.

Good luck, and post questions if ya got 'em! icon_lol.gif
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welcome to SMF look listen and learn here there are many many very smart smokers here who are quite happy to give advise to any newbees.
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Welcome to the SMF my friend. You'll have plenty of useful information from our friendly members. Enjoy.
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Welcome to the SMF Dutches.
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How are you doing, neighbor! I live in Riverdale. We'll have to meet sometime
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Welcome to the forum!! There is a post somewhere on here about mods to a Charboil type. I've got one and if you can't find the instructions let me know via email or pm and I'll tell what I did.
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Welcome. Take advantage of all the free resources here. It wil get you going on the right track.
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