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Hi from New Mexico!

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I've been cooking & baking for years inside -- and have gotten darn good! Took up home canning several years ago (although I helped Mom do it when I was a kid). I've been cooking on the grill for years, too, but just started getting tasty stuff within the last couple of years. Everyone would just eat it out of pitty before! I've also gotten great at jerky! I make a mean green chile jerky and a beef fajita jerky!!

Now I'm going to learn all I can about smoking meat! I got a smoker for my birthday a couple of years back. I've smoked a few things on it but I think people are eating out of pitty again when I do something. So I'll definitely take all of the help & advise I can get!

I do make my own bbq sauce that I love, love, love. Got it perfected when I started canning. And I LOVE chiles of all kinds -- esp. New Mexico green chile!

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Sorry -- I have a Brinkmann bullet electric smoker. Might not be what the "pros" use, but I figured it was a good beginner smoker & it was free!
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hey, SuCasa - welcome to the SMF - great folks here and great rescources to draw upon.

along with the excellent help you can receive here, i recommend you learn some fundamentals and download the BBQFAQ - this is a SAFE zip file in word document. i keep it on my desktop and refer to it all the time. here's the link:

after the first 12 pages, it jumps right inito Q. there is an excellent table of contents as well, so you can skip straight to what you are trying to learn about.

one piece of advice i will give you from experience - a person usually is using more smoke than they need to. you do not want billowing white smoke. your goal is something much more sweet, subtle and oh, so flavorful. here we call it the TBS - thin blue smoke - and when you achieve this, there will be NO more pity meals - i can guarantee that you can serve up the @$$ of a dead rhinosaurus and as long as it is bathed in TBS, they will beg for more.

good luck and NEVER be afraid to ask a question, no matter how small or how "obvious" the answer might seem when you get it. there is only one way to learn. and that is from experience - a combination of your own experience and the experience of others which is passed on to you.

looking forward to seeing how they do it down in the southwest!

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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You'll find lots of good info and some great recipes here. Also people willing to answer questions. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF, Susan. Glad you joined us.
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welcome susan from your neighbor to the west-u have stumbled upon a great site.glad to have ya.
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Dutches I have moved your post to its own thread where I think you will get more input you can see it by clicking on this link
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What a greeting! Thanks guys!
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Hi Susan, welcome to the SMF. You've come to the best smoking & barbecuing site on the planet. No worries on your smoker- if you can burn, you can smoke. Lots of helpful folks in here, so don't be afraid to ask questions.
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Okay - you keep talking about this sauce of yours. I think it's time to Share, Share, Share LOL ...... Welcome to the SMF by the way.
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Welcome, I am in Rio Rancho what town are you near?
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Roswell. I used to live in Albuquerque. When we first moved there Mom & Dad looked @ a house out there and they thought the drive each day to the base would be too much. Plus there wasn't any schools out there yet. It was just a little subdivision. Look at it now!!
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Hello Susan, and welcome to the SMF. Don't underestimate that Brinkman, a lot of great Q has come from that line of smokers. I'm on your side about chiles. I grow Big Jim, Sandia, Espanola, and Chimayo. I'm looking forward to your next smoke. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome Susan - Put me next in line for that sauce recipe!
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