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Memorial Day Brisket - 17lb

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I had my smoker built about a year ago and followed a few tips on this forum. I just wanted to give people my account of my 17 pound smoked brisket that I got from SAM'S Club.

Picking out a brisket from the store.

Some gave me a tip on picking out a decent brisket when you get them from the grocery store. Always pick the one that isn't too stiff and bends when you pick it up. Usually they are the ones that have the older dates on them.

Once you buy it, don't freeze it. I keep mine in the cryo-vac until I spice it up.

Rub and let it settle.

Here is my recipe for a decent spicy rub. I washed the brisket first and then towel dried it. Put the rub on generously. I didn't trim this brisket because it would be on the smoker for a long time and it needs all the juice it can get. I let it come to room temperature, about an hour and half.

3 tbl Chili Powder
1 tbl Chipotle Powder
3 tbl Kosher salt
3 tbl Garlic Powder
3 tea Coriander
2 tea White pepper
2 tea Lemon Pepper
1 tea Cheyenne Pepper
2 tbl Oregano
3 tbl Cumin
2 tbl Onion Powder
2 tbl Black pepper

Put the Brisket on the Barbie!
I started the fire in my smoker around 7:30pm, finally got it under control about 45 minutes later. (I usually start my fire with newspapers, woodchips, and 1 small piece of mesquite. Tonight I had neither and used a cardboard pizza box!) I started with Hickory wood and a few pieces of Pecan. Once I got it down to a steady 225, I threw the brisket right on the grates, fat side down first.

At around 11:30 I turned over the brisket and added a pieced of Mesquite wood as well as more Pecan. (I did a whole Mesquite wood brisket, it really does get a lot of smoke flavor, sometimes too much that is why I like to mix the woods)

It's 1:00am, time to check the temp and add more wood if needed. Gonna sleep for a few hours. The smoker usually holds the temp well, haven't seen it drop below 200 too many times when I am asleep.
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Dang that thing is huge!! Good luck with your smoke and thanks for sharing your rub recipe.
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