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Tell me how to smoke Chuck Roast! Please

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I smoked beef brisket and was good but not how I would have liked. I saw a thread about smoking a Chuck Roast and would like to know how to accomplish a tender juicy Chuck Roast that will make em say "wow". I thought that mesquite was a good choice, let me know what you think. And how long to cook per pound. Finishing temp? 180 Degrees?

Thanks for your advice,


P.S. I am all smoked up!icon_confused.gif
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Quite a few post right here in this section. Read a few.

180º internal for sliced, 210º for pulled
And remember, there are 7 types of chucks.
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Personally I rub it put it into a 225 degree smoker and spritz every hour after the first hour and a half. When it hits 165 internal I foil with a good spritz and take it to 195 internal. I then wrap it in a towel and into the cooler for 30 minutes then take it out and slice. The spritz I usually use it 3 parts apple juice to 1 part Captain Morgan's spiced rum. I like a combo of cherry and hickory wood for flavor
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I would recomend you inject it and cook it at 225, don't let it cook much higher than that i would say 240 max.
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Thanks for the info Piney. Need to try that. Never done one.
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Personally I have not smoked one yet but listen to these guys and girls they really know their stuff.
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