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Memorial Day Brisket...first one

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Got a 6.6 pound brisket out in the fridge for Monday's smoke. I've been in the kitchen doing the finger test on some rub and here is what I have put together:

3 TBSP of course black pepper
1 TBSP Hungarian Paparika
2.5 tsp Kosher salt
1 tsp Onion powder
2 tsp Colemans Dry mustard
1.5 tsp Garlic Powder

I ran it all through my coffee grinder and thinking about upping the garlic to maybe double of what it is currently. Gotta let my taste buds get back to normal before I try much more. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Haven't decide whether I am using Pure Maple Syrup or EVOO to hold it on yet. Figure I will use apple juice as a spritz.

QVIEW to follow when I start workin on the meat.
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Sounds good so far. If you mix in a little raw sugar or brown sugar, you won't need anything to hold the rub on. Just rub, wrap tight in plastic and foil and let set in the fridge overnight. Looking forward to some Qview!
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^^^Whate he said^^^^ I agree
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Brown sugar for sure! Good luck!!
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I added some garlic powder and some dark brown sugar to the mix.

About to be rubbed:

After rubbing I wrapped it up and slid back into the fridge, forgot to get another shot before I wrapped. Checked all my therms today and they are dead on, got the stumps loaded and ready to go.
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You're off to a great start. Keep us posted. smile.gif
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Went on about 4:45 this morning and is coming along a little quicker than I expected it 154 already, I guess that is what a hot cooler is for!

I have better pic but SmugMug wasn't working right.

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Looks great, Trent! smile.gif
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Finally got the other to upload:

Princess faithfully standing guard!
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I pulled it off at 180 and let rest in the cooler for an hour or so. I think I over smoked this one and will have to practice again biggrin.gif Seriously one end was dry and the end with more fat was about right...moist and tender. I'm fairly certain that I over smoked it as the smoke flavor was strong and at times almost bitter. I changed up how I load my chute using Kingsford Comp with pellets and chunks of hickory mixed in. Should of just put a few chunks in the ash pan like normal...oh well live and learn I guess. My guest seemed to have better opinion of it than I.

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Looks pretty darn good to me...can't wait to try my first this weekend.
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