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A race against the rain...w/qvue

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There's a nasty old tropical system in the gulf and it's spitting rain all over north Florida this holiday weekend. But I refuse to let that keep me from some tastey Q. I picked up a rack of ribs at Wally World, and used my $6 Kingsford coupon while doing so. At the worst I'm hoping to get the first 3 hours in the smoke. If I can do that then I can finish the 2 and the 1 off in the oven. With a little luck I can pull the entire thing off on the smoker. It hasn't rained since about 10:00 this morning so here's hoping it holds off a few more hours.

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good luck brian hope it works for ya
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Good luck getting it done only one question tho. I see one rack of ribs what are you gonna eat cause I know Brit is already waiting on that rack biggrin.gif
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Looks good!
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That girl does love her some ribs! This rack is 6#'s, it should do just fine since julie will only eat probably two bones and Peyton may or may not eat any of it. Got some Dutch's beans and garlic bread to go with it also.
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Just had ta give ya a hard time but I bet I know what her breakfast tomorrow is gonna be icon_lol.gif Its already raining down here
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It's off an on sunshine here. But you can see it coming on radar. Gonna haul the entire crew out to camp tomorrow to see if there are any blackberries and to check on things.
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No need in wasting a heat source...Hotdogs anyone?biggrin.gif

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All look good so far, Brian!
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Dang that was tastey. The ribs turned out a tad more tender than I like, but that's probably because they got an extra half hour in the foil. Not my fault, we had to run an errand and help Julie's father with something. It took a half hour of nagging her to get her out of their house and back to ours. Oh well, they were still scrumptious...

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Looks great nice job!!
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Awesome supper! Nicely done and just know that deviled eggs are my favorite. icon_twisted.gif
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I had the same idea
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Looks delicious, Brian. Glad you were able to get a smoke in.
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Looks yummy for sure!
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