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I would just use foil. Double wrap and you will be good. It will help hold the heat around the meat better than those bags IMHO.
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i agree - if you're going to cover it up, foil would be better.
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I had an almost 5 lber take me 9 1/2 hours one time and a 8 1/2 lber get done in under 7 hours. icon_neutral.gif
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Things are looking good about to get the beans on butt is at 185 and rising.
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good job! you're almost home free!

remember to let that chunk of meat rest (peferably in foil, wrapped in towels, and in an empty cooler) for atleast a half-hour in order to let your juices run around and go where they are supposed to go. if you cut it open while too hot, the juices will go everywher, plus your meat that you worked so hard on will turn a scary-looking brown.
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Thanks for the tips I am about to pull the butt and towel it and rest it while the beans continue smoking to 160. Also I have your finishing sauce simmering now, although I used Schlitz instead of Killians Red. :-)

No one is here yet, I told folks we would eat about 7pm, I think I am right on target. Slaw is in the fridge and I think it is gonna be fantastic too.
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that schlitz will work just fine! the flavor of that sauce really compliments pork BBQ, and i can't thank rivet enough for sharing it with me. it's a winner!

remember, when you open up the foil, the shoulder is going to pretty much fall apart on you, so open up the foil with it sitting in a big bowl or something. the shredding/pulling will pretty much happen on its own and it's hard to resist the temptation to pick at it!

good job!
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Thanks again for helping me along, there will be for sure a full Qview, pry coming from but I may post some extra pix here. I'll let you know how it is when i pull it apart as well.
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