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2nd Meat Loaf W/Qview

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The first one was just thrown together and since Carol liked it so much we made another with a little more effort.

We added choped onion 2 eggs, Italian bread crumbs, basil, oreagano, salt, lemon pepper, granulated garlic, mixed it up and made a loaf and put some KC Masterpice on top.

Almost 2 hours in.

Here it is at 150'.

After slicing tonight for Carol's lunch tomorrow.

A bonus Qview, I had to eat this last night to make room for the meat loaf. Italian beef, yummo. I mean somebody had to to it, cool.gif.

Thanks for watching.
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Shazam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like.
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Looks good Ron, I need to do a loaf.
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very nice, I have to knock one of these out pretty soon.
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Looks real tasssstyyy! Nice job Ron.
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I really have to try a meatloaf one of these weekends. I love meatloaf, and am discovering I love smoking, so it only seems natural.
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Nice loaf of meat ya got there Ron!!!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gifOne of my favorite things to schmoooke....
Anyone try a whole ground pork vs. beef loaf? That I gotta try

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great looking loaf. How long did you have it in?
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I've not tried smoked meat loaves yet, but that looks delicious, Ron.
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I would shoot for 3 1/2 -4 hours and a temp of 150' - 160'.
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