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Loin Recipe?

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Anyone have a good, proven recipe for smoking a loin? This will be my first attempt at a loin this weekend & would appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance for all the advice.
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My brother in law had me do one recently for him.
He brined it in some kind of pineapple something and then I smoked over apple and coated with a chipotle pineapple BBQ sauce he had made.
I would have to check with him on the recipe if you would like but it came out great!
And I know, I know...careful about marinating in pineapple, but it worked perfectly fine.
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I dont brine my loin...just slather with Yellow mustard and a good rub and slow smoke 2 cents ,,,,go for it
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i dont generally brine mine either...half the time i dont even use mustard...i go heavy on the rub...smoke until it reaches 140-145*..let the residual heat do the rest... usually only a couple of hours maybe 3
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140' - 145' is the key for moist slices.

Good luck!
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You can take a look at the link in my was my first one.
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I did a small one the other night like this:

Butterfly the loin and trim the thin ends
Spoon cold bacon grease every couple of inches in the center of the cut.
Lay a line of string cheese
Lay canned mushrooms and jalapenos on top of of the cheese
(make sure you add some jalapeno juice)
Tie the loin back together and coat with rib rub.
Cook on a foil pan until 145 internal
Baste with applejuice every 30 minutes.
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I've never tried brining a loin either, I'm still fairly new that whole process. What the danger in brining with pineapple juice?
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In general the acid in the Pineapple juice will break down the proteins in the meat and make it mushy if left to long. Others can explain it better than I.
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Here is one of mine.
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This is the last one I did (stuffed loin). It is a meal all-in-one. It was a big hit with my family:

Have a great smokin' weekend!

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i usally spiral cut mineand stuff it with a stove top type of dressing pull off at 150° and let rest always a favorite..
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Grothe's stuffed loin makes me hungry every time I see it
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My only input is to tell you to keep an eye on your temps. A loin can dry out fairly easy. So just don't over cook it.
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I'm going to throw a loin on today. I've had pretty good luck in the past on the gas bbq. I'm wondering if I should try the electric this time. Any tips if I go with the electric? Should I pan sear if 1st or something? All I have is apple,mesquite, and hicory as far as wood, should I go apple? Maybe 1/2 hicory and 1/2 apple? Thanks in advance for any hints/tips? Oh btw what is a good pork rub? I always just use like 3/4 brown sugar and 1/4 salt. I know you all aren't real big on anything with sugar in it.
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