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Weird Smoke today 5-20-09

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I was on a drilling rig today and used our company smoker and was going to cook for the crew. I picked up some briskets 3 of them from walmart. 2 of them were 15# and 1 10#. I was planning to smoke them for about 12 hrs at 210 to 230. That didnt happen. I set the temp at 220 with this smoker. I hadnt used this smoker before and trusted the gauge. I rubbed the brisket and put it in the chamber. I was there for about 3 hrs to make sure that the chamber temp would stay even. It did so I went to town to pick up plates and stuff i needed. I came back on the 5th hour of the smoke and decided to check the meat temp. It was at 195 I almost jumped out my shoes. I looked at the temp gauge and it said 220. Well to make a long story short. They were done in less than 6 hours. The meat was ok but had to pull. I checked the chamber with another thermometer and the camber at the grating was at 250 and the smoker gauge on top was at 210 Man I was ticked off. Bad guage i guess. If I would have come back after 8hrs that meat would have been burned. Close call today.

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I see abt's and a fattie but no brisket qview. They look great. Sorry the brisket didn't turn out as you excpected, but you learned a valuable lesson which is never trust the thermometer that comes with the smoker.
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sorry no brisket picks but the charo bean were a great backup too.
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That sucks. I've done quite a few briskets and I always cook @ 240 to 250F and have never had one done in 6 hours. The last one was a 12lber and took right at about 13 hours to cook at the above temps.
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At least you saved the day and the smoke. Better start carrying a therm in your tool belt.biggrin.gif
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I am guessing it spicked up to 350 or so for it to cook that fast.
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