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blow-by-blow account of frst solo brisket on the SnP - q-view will be posted! - Page 2

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well, for lack of a better idea, i will add a little oliv oil and see how it goes.

will report on results.
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1100 - mopped the pork shoulder, the chubs of sausage and the brisket. the little bit of olive oil in the beer/butter mixture seems to keep the butter from clumping up (at least long enough to spray on the mop).
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Hey you're welcome Rocky. Whiskey sounds like it would be a good fit, tho' I'd be more inclined to use bourbon. Either way, it's a good idea and I'm going to try it next time too. I just had never thought about it before. This sauce is thick and rich and has always been a "wow" factor for folks when I make brisket.

Tas~ try putting your mop container next to your smoking chamber om the shelf. If you're using a plastic spray bottle- obviously that won't work. When I use butter-mops, I always keep it in a saucepan on the stove and take outside and mop as needed. Can be a PITA but it works at keeping the butter melted.

Sounds like you got a winner feast barbecuing! Keep us posted with pics too.

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>>>When I use butter-mops, I always keep it in a saucepan on the stove and take outside and mop as needed.<<<

yep, that's what i'm doing - not too big of a PITA since i ahve helpers.

here's how everything looked at noon:

the chubs were done and tasted great!
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You could place the plastic spray bottle in a bowl of warm water to keep the butter honest.
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Good grief! Outstanding looking food there and it isn't even done~ thanks for the pic! Skillful use of the grilling-pan as a manifold too.....high up on the LH side PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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gnu-bee - thanks for the suggestion - i will give it a try as the last time i mopped it was pretty clumped up.

rivet - it sure is looking great - i just finished turning over and rotating everything so that the bth have been flipped over and switched places. - things looking good so far. you can't see it but right up against the firebox under the grilling pan is a pot of water providing moisture for the brisket.
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Great looking job Tas. Keep 'em coming. I'm getting hungrier each post!!icon_lol.gif
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alright, guys - at about what temperture range do you usually expect to hit the dreaded plateau? i'm probably getting into the 150s now.
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Everyone of my briskets stalls at 150-152 degrees. The last one I made stalled for near 3 hours and LOST 4 degrees for about an hour. It was a BEAST!

Hang in there!!
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yep - same here ~~ i think we're on our way back up and lookin' good! gotta mop here in a minute - will get a pic.
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here's a shot from about 1745 -


with cooler temperatures this afternoon (it's finally starting to get nicer again) and rain, the brisket and shoulder are in the middle of the dreaded "plateau," which is something that all alrger hunks of meat seem to go through as they cook - the temperature levels off for quite a while, sometimes up to a couple of hours, and occasionally even start dropping a little. sooner or alter, the temps start coming up again, but the wait can kill a guy. to make it even worse, my fire started to die off around the same time and the smoker temperature went down pretty far - altogether, i am sure i lost 5 or 6 degrees in internal temperature of the meat, maybe a little more.

temps look like they are starting to go back up now, so we might be in good shape. will keep y'all posted.
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we're at 177, near as i can tell (target temp is 192) for this brisket. things seem to be going well and temps in the smoker are holding steady around 250 now.

one thing i didn't notice on this brisket until just a while ago is that the fat cap at the "big" end (perhaps this is the point?) is quite thick. when i bought it, it seemed like it was trimmed down to about a guarter inch al around, but now it is like it is puffed up at that end. i am hoping that the therm probe is in meat and not in fat. will check it in a couple of other places when it hits 192.

also, we're preparing RIVET'S brisket finshing sauce right now. jusging by the ingredients list and the smells during preparation, it's outstanding!
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Hey no worries on the fat cap at this point! Let that puppy puff up like Pamela Anderson's Botox lips if it wants to...you're gonna trim that off anyway. It's protecting your meat at this late stage in the game. Glad to hear your temps are up and things are looking good~ keep us in touch, Tas! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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alright - near as i can tell, the brisket is at 190 degrees and wil check in other areas here in a couple of minutes. i am going to assume that the shouler is also doing well and will check temps in it, too.

rivet's finishing sauce for brisket is simmering now and will cool to simmering temperature while the briket rests.

am hoping for a good after-action repot on this one!
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Woo-Hoo! Dinner bell is ringin' folks................................
PDT_Armataz_01_11.gifPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif:PDT_Armataz _01_28:
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alright - i pulled this when it reached 192 degrees (As measured in several places) and it rested in foil and towels for an hour while the pork shoulder finished and rested.

my #3 son took the camera on a 3-day class trip to our state capital, so i'll have to post the q-view when he gets home.

i'll have to give the brisket a 6, maybe a 7 out of 10. it wasn't quite as good as the one i had before, but it sure as heck wasn't bad! the combination of the rub and mop made a pretty good bark that had a lot of flavors going on. i think i might try to incorporate a little turbinao (raw) sugar into the rub in order to change the texture of the bark just a bit. this rub, after going through my blender (and that might be the difference right there) seemed very "powdery" for lack of a better word, and while it tasted great there wasn't much crispiness to it.

the brisket itself had good flavor and a decent smoke ring. it was a tad dry but not so much that it ruined the experience. it was also still a tad tough on the thicker pieces that were cut, but once again, the flavor was great. this was a smallish brisket with both a flat and a point, and i think that the size must have made some sort of difference, although i am not sure what. we only ate from the flat, and the point is in tupperware - i am thinking that when i reheat it, i will do it very slowly in a freezer bag in gently boiling water with a little sauce or some other thin liquid. this should hopefully help finish the tenderizing process that didn't quite happen in the pit and also keep it moist.

rivet's finishing sauce for brisket was EXCELLENT and i highly recommend it. it looksed good, smelled great and tasted wonderful!

one thing is for sure, i will be checking the accuracy of my thermometer, which i should have done pre-smoke.

(edit) i just sliced off a thin slice after sitting in the fridge all night. i can say without a doubt that this brisket is probablyamong the most flavorful of any beef i have had, and i have had some good beef. i think that once i get the cooking of it figured out, we're in for some good stuff!

i would like to get one to pulling stage next time - i assume that i need to go a little above 200 for that.
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Wow....! What a teaser! I'm dyin to see q-vue and now have to wait like the season-ending cliff-hanger finale show!~ No worries, though, just more to look forward to. Thanks for all the info and posting.

Brisket is not an easy meat and maybe you sliced the flat too thick? I know that if I slice on the thick side it'll seem tougher than if I slice thin. You did a hell of a job during the entire process and a seven outta ten is still dang good for an all day brisky.

Glad you liked the sauce, and much appreciate the nice words!

Last time I made one, the leftover slices were ziploc'd up in a storage bag with about a half cup of apple juice. When they were reheated in boiling water, they were tender as can be.

You're also right about tasting it from the fridge this morning. It is one of those things that taste better the next day it seems!
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>>>maybe you sliced the flat too thick?<<<

i do believe that might have been part of it. i was trying to slice thin but everyone was telling me to hurry up and a couple were even PICKING at it, which drives me nuts! LOL
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TW, the next time you try the no salt no sugar rub, try not running it thru the grinder. I'm sure it will make a big difference. I didn't grind mine when I made it, and the bark still forms although it's not as "barky" but it's more consistent with the texture of the meat.
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