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Baby Backs W/Qview

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Nothing special here.

An old score.

Some El cheapo beans with added ingriedients, some mild green chilies, onions, Masterpice sauce, Yoshidas marinade, topped with turkey bacon.

Rubbed with Yoshidas marinade and garlic and lemon pepper.

Mes Window Qview.

Comming along fine.


Ready for foiling.

I had to try a few. Yummo.

Thanks for watching.
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Ill take a vat of those beans pls !!
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That price I would call pretty darn special. $7.02 down from $17.61, very nice.

I love managers specials, long as you catch them at the right time and can tell the quality of meat by looking at.

Thanks for posting Ron.
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Holy stromboli, look at that smoke ring!! Nice lookin' ribs & beansicon_lol.gif
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Thanks, I had a piece of lump, not sure that helped the ring or not.
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Good lookin Ribs n Beans Ron!
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Looking good, Ron. I was hungry for lunch before (West coast time) but now I'm officially starving...thanks.
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Nice price on those BB's Ron, looks good as usual.
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Nice combo of flavors Ron, congrats to you my friend.
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They look very good,I've never done any baby back ribs, I might have to try and find a couple of those
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those are some mighty meaty ribs Ron. Another killer good meal
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