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Beef Chuk Roast W/Qview Another One

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Since I had a problem with one of the last 2 I did, I owed Carol another since the good one went elsewhere.

Granulated garlic, lemon pepper very simple. I want to taste the meat, not a bunch of spices.

Coming along nicely.

MES Window Qview.

I pulled it at 175' and put it in a 190' oven till the next morning. Came out perfect.
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Beauty boss!
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That looks great Ron!
I love the probe through a dinner roll, great idea.
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Looks like another winner, Ron. And speakin' of the probe thru the dinner roll, what's that black charred thing to right in the 2nd pic with the probe in it? I'll take a wild guess, a dinner roll?PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Good looking chuckie, Ron. Thanks for the pics.
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Ron, again you knocked it out of the park. Good job!
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Beautiful job on the chuckie Ron....A+!!!
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Looks really nice. You are the master of the chuckies. I love to smoke em
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Looks great Ron, now I am hungry!
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looks good ron!!! bet you had some good sammies...
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Looks "My-T-Fine" Ron!
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Well i'm seriously hungry now. Keep'm coming Ron, you inspire my lazy butt to get back on the pit. Been real busy here with a project but i'm going to try and duplicate some of your smokes in the next few weeks. Ron pack up your smoker and head due North.
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