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smoked buffolo legs with Q

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thought i would toss in a twist to buffolo wings. or legs in this case.

fired up my brinkman with charcoal and apple twigs.

gave my bird some rub. had 3 bone in breasts on with the legs.

after 2 hrs on the heat.

after i smoked them to perfection i took them off and then put in a roasting bag with the buffolo seasonings. baked for 30 min on 300 to set the wing mix. BBQed the breasts and 1/2 the legs with sauce. man those buffolo legs hit the spot. the smoking really kicked up the flavor from reg ones. a must do again. had some abts with them. italian sausage cream cheese. nothing fancy.

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Mmmmm, great lookin me droolin now....very nice!!
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Looks great!
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Good looking drummies! Thanks for sharing.
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Great looking buffalo legs!
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LOOKS awesome BG. Nice smoke.
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