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Needle Valve for GOSM help.

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Finally have been able to break the smoker out of the shed. I have been working mad amounts of hours and travelling all over the place, so the smoker sat in my shed taunting me all winter and spring. I did my first smoke for the season for Mother's Day, 2 whole chickens, and it made me want to have a BBQ for Memorial Day.

I have bought the needle valve from Bayou Classic that is mentioned in several posts, and have looked for some good instructions on making this mod, but everything I found had some dead links to other threads.

I think I know all the parts that I need, or will figure it out one I can get to everything I need. The problem I am having is that I cannot get the hose disconnected from the regulator. The bolt portion of it is too narrow for any tools that I have to even begin getting it unscrewed. Can anybody who has done this mod help me out as to how they managed to get this disconnected? Also, if you have a list of what fittings you used to adapt the valve into the line, that would be great.
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did you find help?

Looking to do the same and currently searching forums. Did you find a link? If i find one I will post it here.
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I hope this isn’t too late,

For the wrench take the correct size open end wrench and grind down the sides until it will fit the nut or a pair of needle nose vise-grips might work.

The brass fittings you will need to use with the Bayou Classic Control Valve are:

2 – ⅛” npt x ¼” npt bushings
1 – ⅛” npt nipple 2”- 3” long
1 – ¼” npt coupler

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What I did for my GOSM and my brother's GOSM is to take an old turkey fryer and take the the entire fuel line with needle valve off of it. Then just replace the whole thing on your GOSM. It only takes about ten minutes.
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Thanks for the info guys. I had actually given up on it temporarily because I disn't get any responses. I had gotten some needle nose vise grips to work, but while experimenting with different tools to get the thing off I had rounded off the bolt so badly that they only worked for a turn or two. I have been searching for a new regulator, but none of them seem to be able to seperate at the hose connection. May go the turkey fryer route if I can find what I need.
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From a PM I sent to someone else a while back.

Thanks a bunch, yelp it helped me a bunch. I have the valve coming. Thanks...

Originally Posted by lcruzen
Hey, I ended up finding the packaging over the weekend. This is what I used from Lowe's

1/8 x 2 brass pipe nipple
2 ea 1/4 x 1/8 brass pipe bushings
1/4 brass pipe coupling

Hope this info is still useful. Was under some stuff piled on my work bench.

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When you say it only worked for a turn or two does that mean you were able to loosen the hose a little?

If so then maybe if you file a flat spot on both sides of the the nut so that you can clamp the vise grips very tight and turn the regulator you can remove it completely.

If the shoulders of the nut are rounded that doesn't hurt the threads, when you reassemble the parts use a gas line "pipe dope" or liquid sealer and you shouldn't have any problems.

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