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Pear tree wood

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The guy next door plans to make good on his threat to cut down his pear tree next weekend. I have never used pear wood to smoke but I am a fan of fruit woods, cherry and apple are my favorite. Anyhow have any of you used pear for smoking and is it any good? If so what is it best used on and should I jump at the opportunity and grab a bunch of pear logs and cut 'em up for cooking. Honest opinions please
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Very much like apple, use it the same.
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When dried, I use it interchangably with peach. Light sweet smoke, but very good for fish and poultry.
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I use pear a lot. Gives a light fruity smoke (if there is such a thing)icon_confused.gif. Grab all you can get.
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be sure its a fruit bearing pear tree and not a ornamental(bradford)pear one.I understand the latter one is bad.
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It drops a ton of pears every year, thats part of the reason he wants it gone icon_lol.gif
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I'd jump on it.
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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pear is good... most if not all fruit wood has a pleasant taste

grab it and season will enjoy the free wood
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I appreciate the responses guys, I will go ahead and grab a bunch for sure, thanks!
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I find it is so similar to apple that I tossed the apple and pear all together in the same woodpile. Its very mild.
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I just cut down my pear tree. I've got it cut into logs at the moment but will be cutting it into small pieces and splitting. I've also got a peach tree that I'll be cutting down some time during the spring. I'll be doing that wood the same way. Love this forum! 

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