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Pork Loin

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I have not been around much lately (to much work) but It was a nice day to smoke on Sunday. So I got out a pork loin and this is what I got. I just guessed at the measurements I do not usually actually measure.

1 5-7 lb Pork Loin
1/2 cup give or take
of Brown Sugar
1 Table spoon
Coarse Salt
1 Table Spoon fresh
ground pepper
1 Table spoon Cumin
1 table spoon
Lawyers season salt

Ready for the smoker

Off the smoker

Ready to eat
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Nice looking loin link. What did you smoke it over?
How did it taste?
I scratched the screen and sniffed but I couldn't smell anything.
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I use Royal Oak hardwood charcoal and I had some really nice chunks of Cheery that I used. It tasted really good maybe a bit too much salt but I am ok with that.
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Great looking loin! Looks nice and juicy.
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Uhhh...thinkin that looks really good! Fine job!
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Nice job. Looks delicious.
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That does look good. Most of the time I don't measure much either. The problem is, when I do something that I really like, I mean REALLY like, it's tough to reproduce since I just sort of eyeballed everything.
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PERFECT reason to use the cooking logs. :) Then you can capture that perfection in time. :)
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Real nice job on the loin...looks great!!
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Great looking loin! What are the cooking logs? Am I missing something?
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banana_smiley.gifLooks great will have to try it.

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