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Last nights boneless pork ribs

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Last time I did a smoke I tried some boneless pork ribs cause they were on sale.
My Brother absolutely loved them and wanted me to smoke some more so I smoked up 2 slabs.
I let him do the rub and season them up.

First he did a Memphis style rub

And a Kentucky style

Not sure completely what was in them but they were pretty heavily rubbed and it showed in the final product.

After resting for a little while...

Smoked over hickory, was going to go with apple but I'm all out.
After 1 hour.

I spritzed with apple juice every 45 minutes and pulled them when they hit 160.

After letting them rest under foil for about 20 minutes it was time to dig in.

That last picture may seem like it looks a bit on the dryer side but I took that today straight from the fridge so it was firmed up, couldn't use the one I took last night, too much vodka and unsteady hand makes for a bad picture.
The rub was kind of heavy but besides that they were great, melt in your mouth great.
My brother in law couldn't get over how tender the pork turned out.

Thanks for checking out my Qview, gotta go get back to the smoke.
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drool-looks great
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Nice looking ring. Good job outta you!
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Nice looking smoke!
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lookin good my friend!!
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They look delicious. I don't think I've seen boneless ribs around here.
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What exactly are boneless ribs?
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Nice lookin ribs Fire!
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excellent - looks like you're enjoying that SnP!
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Those ribs (or ribless) Look good.. got the drool going
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Looks like they cut the bones out before smoking. Good looking though. Going to do some ribs this coming weekend myself.
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Looks awesome....nice smoke
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Thanks everyone, loving the new sNp.
I would check the package to see exactly what it said but I threw it out. Pretty sure they just called them boneless pork ribs and they came from Pathmark.
Next time I'm there I'll check and see if the package says anything else.
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Sam's carries them here also and that's what they call them.
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Nice Job there.
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