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porky update

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Pork and chuckie update. These were just taken about 1pm. The one slab of ribs were smokin at 10am. The roast have neen on since 8am and lookin good internal is a 149. Rib pic isn't very good sorry will reshoot next hour.
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Looking good! I like a smoker full of meat.
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looks real good.
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Everything looks great. smile.gif
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Hope it all tasted as good as it looks.
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Here's the finished product. The ribs we ate last night for dinner. Most of the time I'll sauce the last hr or so went neked this time no real reason. The purple cantainer is part of chuckie. He renderd a solid 2 cups of juice that was seperated and then reapplied. Beef enchiladas tommorow night with green sauce. The other cantainer has pp. That renderd 3 cups and I did the same thing as b4 except I'm freezeing 1 cup of juice. Bagged and tagged the most of it to freeze. Definately a long day. The smoke was done just under 14hrs and I'm pretty happy with the results and plenty of leftovers biggrin.gif Thanks
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Awesome smoke it all looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking feast Lab. Good job
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Great lookin grub BL.....real nice job!!
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Thanks guys. I was was pretty happy with the final results.
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Looks great. Congrats on a successful smoke. And the best part...leftovers!
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