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Pulled Pork

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Ok so I couldn't make it to the farm where my smoker is so I set this up

Had to set my set temp high to stop the darn thing from beeping at me till I got the temp right

I had to prop it open to lower the temp

I injected these with a concoction the wife made up mmmmmmmmmm.... They where left in the fridge over night.

I had to turn the grill to keep the meat from being directly over the coals. This is about 3 hours in.icon_lol.gif

Pulling the pork

Added the finishing sauce and it was mouth watering. It was the first thing gone lol. Sevred on cheep white buns.

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Nice job, Dennis! It looks delicious. smile.gif It's a great compliement when the food you smoke disappears quickly.
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It looks great to me. Good job!
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Beautiful chinks of meat, Dennis. Glad to hear it was a success- congratulations!
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That looks great it had to be good (wink)
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Good stuff right there.....real nice job Dennis!!
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That looks real good.
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Looks real good! But, propping the lid open will raise temps, not lower them. You have to choke it out with the dampers to cool it off.
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mmmmmmmmm tasty
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That looks great Dennis! Points for such a nice job turning your grill into a smoker and pulling off a beautiful smoke.
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Looks like some good stuff.
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