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A few spares with Qveiw

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We finally had a good weather day today so I got up early and got the smoker up and running. This is only my second smoke with the Horizon and it went pretty darn good. I used oak, cherry and mulberry for fuel. Boy oh boy when that fruit wood gets fired up it smells so darn good.

Here we are getting fired up.

Got her up to temps and put some ribs, a shoulder and rib ends in. Oh and some taters too.

Here are the ends and the shoulder right before foiling.I forgot to take a pic of the ribs before they were foiled.

The ribs once they were done. They turned out soooooo good, everyone liked them. I had done a couple more slabs for my brother but he was in a hurry so he snagged them up and ran.

I used the firebox as a grill for the first time too. I liked how the squash turned out. So yummy, if ya like squash that is.

And another.

Had a nice little fire going on.

Thanks for checking it out.
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Things be looking good at your house. Nice job smoking.
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Looking good.
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Nice feast Rick. Like your smoker
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Everything looks really good. Nice job on your second smoke!
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Excellent looking smoke. Thanks for the Qview.
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Thanks y'all, much appreciated. Cajunsmoke13, thanks for the points.
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Looks like that Horizon is treating you right Rick! Nice job and I love the coffee warmer feature. Was that a special mod?icon_lol.gif
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Very nice smoke, and thanks for sharing the Q View too. Looks like a good time was had by all.
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Looks great Rick!
Nice combination of wood, I love that deep dark crust that oak imparts.
Definitely going to try squash on the smoker, and tons of other things, from the garden once summer is in full swing. What did you season them up with?
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All I used on the squash was Mrs. Dash. They were really good.
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