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Trident 1!

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Well, a fair amount a thinin, some good infermation from here an some other sites, some hard work an alotta nuts an bolts, here be the newest addition ta Hillbilly Vittles smokin aresenal.

The old girl is painted with very hight temp ceramic paint an clear coat. I'll put tagether a list a materials an the final price when I get it added up. Not cheap, but thin it was worth every nickel.

Still gotta make up the sign plate yet.

Trident 1

Shelf an push/towel/utensil bar

Rack U bolts an lid lip I added

Next weekend I'll make up the charcoal basket an ash pan, a good break in burn an were gonna smoke sumtin on it!
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Looks great. Can't wait to see pics of food coming out of it!
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Wow Tip that's Sweet, you did a heck of a job!! I like the u-bolt shelf supports.
I can't wait to see the first cook on it. points to you!
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Nice work. cool.gif
You certainly won't be losing that thing in the dark. icon_eek.gif
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Looks great Tip! Is that towel bar bolted on or free? I gotta put a shelf on mine too. I like the looks of yours, looks real sturdy. Thanks for the BuildView!
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nice UDS tip-I really like.
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Looks great Tip and I really like the colors PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice drum. Great idea on the tray and pushbar!
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That's one nice drum.
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The brackets allow fer the bar ta be screwed down which I did cause it's a handy way ta move the smoker around. A feller wouldn't have ta though.

The brackets er just closet shelf brackets which I bent the rod holders "in" because a the drum bein round so the bar fits right.
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That looks great.
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No-no. You field engineered them, which means you "Re-formed" the brackets. Field engineers never "bend" anything.
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Looks great, Tip. Can't wait to see what you smoke first in her.
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