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Woke up early to start my first smoke with my char-griller (I'm the guy who had all the trouble with the knockout footballs.

I had about 4 hours smoking behind me and now it is raining pretty good. I'm not gonna give up. I assume a little water won't hurt the smoker, just make it harder to keep up a good temp.

Any rain tips?
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Boy, you have no end of hurdles do you? *grin*

Hang in there. Just put on a rainjacket if you need to. Don't know where you're at but if it's Florida, I'd put on my bathing trunks and pop the top on a brew.

Keep an eye on your temp guage and add a couple more coals if it's dippin low. The water WILL cool off your smoke chamber.

Good luck and send us some pics!
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LOL! You'll be a crispy critter by the time our wicked lightning gets done with you!

GAGA, I admire your stick to it attitude. As the water evaporates off your cooker, it's going to cool some. Keep the fire up. There is no shame in pulling the meat and finishing in the oven if the weather is too bad.
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Stopped raining. Thanks for responses. I'll take pics and post them eventually.
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if it's not too windy i always use a 9' patio umbrella works like a charm
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I have a covered patio so if it rains I just pull underneath. Rain and snow dont slow me down but a 40+mph Kansas wind will shut things down in a hurry. Or not...
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