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beef spare ribs with qview

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i smoked some nice meaty beef shortribs today.

did the mustard slather and some home made rub, brown sugar,paprika main ingredients.

smoked over cherry at 250.

after 3 hours, put in alum pans and added apple juice to bottom of pans and covered with alum foil, back in smoker for another hour. the meat was pretty much almost done with great pulback and was pretty tender. brushed some sauce on and back on racks for half hour. heres what they looked like finished.

plated along with some chix thighs i did today and som brussel sprouts.

considering the amount of meat to bone ratio, i really dont know if i will ever do back ribs again. the short ribs were just as tastey!!!

thks for cking my pics
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Looks so great, that final pic was absolutely mouth watering gorgeous!
It looks so good, brussel sprouts aside that is.
You know, points to you for enjoying or at least being able to handle those things.

Nice to know the comparison of back to short. Backs are good but they could do with a bit more meat on store bought average.
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Erain, Those are some really good looking ribs!! I just had dinner, and I'm hungry all over again. In Hawaii, you could serve that up with two scoops of rice, macaroni salad, kim-chee and call it a Plate Lunch then sell it from a lunch wagon and make a ton of money!!! Thanks for sharing the views.
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Great job as always Erain!
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Good looking ribspoints.gif
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Great looking ribs. Nice smoke ring.
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Those look great, erain! Short ribs aren't available in this part of the country very often. When I can find them, they're expensive. Great looking plate.
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Nice job Erain. Look great.
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Really nice looking shorts. Bravo!
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Nice job, Erain! They look delicious. I'll have to give short ribs a try next time I see them.
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Always good q coming from ya, Erain. Those beef ribs looks amazing ...
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Beautiful sir. That ring looks perfect and the meat is so tender looking. Points to you.
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They look great man!!
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That's some fime barbecue there! You're absolutely right on the short-ribs thing, they are the way to go. Congratulaitons on a beautiful smoke PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Excellent! Love the plating and the moist meat. Thanks, and Points.
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Awesome job erain....gotta love those short ribs!!
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Thats some great looking ribs. I'm going to have to try them in the smoker instead of in the crock pot.
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Outstanding! Great job!
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