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Feed fer a 100!

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Well wasn't a huge gig an was done on a shoestring, but everbody enjoyed the food!

The "Chief Cook an Bottle Washer"

Puttin some pulled brisket sammies tagether.

Our end a the chow line.

Was alotta work fer not alotta pay, but got us some good exposure an the folks enjoyed the vittles!
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Looking good! Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do. Exposure is good and at least you made some as opposed to going out shopping!icon_eek.gif
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Looks good Tip PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Word of mouth is priceless. smile.gif I'm sure everyone enjoyed the food. Nice pics!
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Looks good. The exposure is priceless!
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Way to go, Tip! Love the orange jacket!

Everything looked like it was great and all it takes is for people to try your food, and get the word out!
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Where did ya ever find a orange straight jackit at? Kinda expected some bib'd overalls. look'n good.
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Looks good Tip. Im sure everyone enjoyed it.
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Great idea getting a Chefs jacket.
Catering for groups you gotta have a professional look, makes such a better impression.

I have been thinking of trying to get a small catering business eventually in my area since NOBODY does Q and I wouldn't have even thought of the jacket aspect of things.
So thanks.
Was wondering, do you have a place you work out of or do you travel and set up where the people want, or both?
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Momma says we gota look "Profesional" so the bibs stayed home, boy, pants sure ain't as comfy though!

Uniform warehouse had those on special, made by ****ies.

Oh, fer the love a editin! Made by di ck ies.
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Were tryin ta do both. The plan be ta get a trailer an set that up with a kitchen so that we can be lots more mobile.
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lookin good tip, that jacket would go over good at elk camp!!! bet you get good word of mouth advertising from this!!!
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glad went well tip
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Congrats on the catering gig tip. I supposed the good thing about a graduation is that there would likely be a lot of locals there who might be able to use your services.

Points on that jacket!
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