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Another meatloaf

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Used my usual recipe but "kicked it up a notch" by using Sweet Baby Rays Honey Chipotle sauce.

Using cherry and oak. Gives the meatloaf a red color. After 3 hrs it's at 250.

After glazing with the bbq sauce.

Threw in some whole wheat couscous drizzled with evoo.
Planning on smoking it to 265-270. I'll leave the couscous in for an hour and then see how it is.
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That looks like it will be tasty, that Sweet Baby Ray's is some fine store bought sause. What is couscous ?
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Thanks. smile.gif Couscous is a very small pasta. They are about the size of a pin head. They cook very quickly.
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looking good dawn-for boxed!cues-cues is a fine pasta
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Looks great, Dawn! You can't go wrong by smoking a meatloaf.
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Another meal I gotta try! Looks great Dawn! Let us know how the couscous turns out.
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Looks good I need to do a meatloaf again
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All that's left is 2 slices. Smoked it till it reached 168.

The couscous turned out well. It was smoked for 1 1/2 hrs. Had a nice smokey flavor to it.
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Looks dang tasty!
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Nice Dawn!!
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nice lookin meat loaf Dawn!!! i have never tried the SBRays sauce, but they must sell a crapload of it judging by the amount of it they carry at store. will have to get some and ck it out. that pasta looks interesting too. thks for sharing!!!
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Good job on the meatloaf
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