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i am smoking a brisket at the moment and in about a hour will put in a tri tip, i dont want my brisket to taste to much like smoke, what can i do to prevent this when i smoke the tri tip.also my briskets been in for 3 gours.
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The only way I can think of would be to foil the brisket when you put the tri tip on. I'm not sure why you would want to stop smoking it that early though. What temp is it at?
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225 consistently
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what are you using for wood, i think most would tend to agree that a good thin blue smoke and a long low and slow smoke , and possibly a sear are key to an awesome brisket. also when finishing the brisket and bringing it to your finish temp of aprox 200 deg, +/- 5 deg. it may be at the temp but still may not be done, make sure that probe slides in like going into butter. then its done. share that brisket and tritip with us with some qview maybe???
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I guess that would be the smoker temp??

What is the internal temp of the meat? Three hours ain't even in the ball park of what would be required for a tender brisket. Like Erain said, 200 - 205 (internal on the meat) will give you something that you won't have to cut with a sawzall.
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