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2 fatties and alot of pics

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The first one is a cheesesteak fattie
1 lb jimmy dean
1 lb rib-eye sliced thin
1/2 onion chopped small
8 oz provalone cheese ( should have used more )
I cooked the steak and onions in some worcestershire sauce then putr donw some cheese then the steak and onions then more cheese. Rooled it all up and on to the smoker.

the second fattie is a blue Barrie pancake fattie.
1 lb jimmy dean ( should have used maple )
4 pancakes
cooked the pancakes cut them up and rooled them into the fattie with some syurp in there too.

my helper #1

and helper #2
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first on off was the cheesesteak

next was the pancakes

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Looking good!
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You're off to a good start. smile.gif
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I'd hafta say that looks really dang good!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifLove the Cheese Steak Fattie. I bet that thing was awesome!
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Cheesesteak one sounds awesome! I like my bacon crispy though on my fatties. Cute little helper too. I'm expecting a helper in June to mold into my smoke assistant.
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Both look great Lenny! Nice job.
Glad the cheesesteak fattie turned out.
Didn't know you were doing the pancake one too, looked mighty fine as well.
Points to you for a beautiful fattie smoke.
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They both look awesome. Now I can guess the cheese steak was great, but how was the flavor of the pancake fattie? I am really suprised how well the pancakes held up.
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thanks guys

The pancake one was good but the best thing i've ever ate.

Now the cheese steak one was awesome!!! The only thing I will do different next time ( oh yea there will be a next time for this one.) Is use more cheese. I used 8oz of provolone I should have used at least 1 lb to 1 1/2 lbs.

I used oak for my wood and smoked at around 230 - 250. I think it took about 3hrs but I lost track after about 3/4 of my bottle was gone and my brother came over to shoot the **** with me.
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Nice job Lenny. loving that cheesesteak fattie.
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Try smoking it at 300 for about 2 hours. The bacon gets nice and crisp on the outside.
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will do thanks for the tip
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Looks real good...especially the cheesesteak. I gotta get another fatty on the smoker soon.
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Those look great - gotta try that cheesesteak fattie!

So much to do but so little time.....
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Great job on the fatties Lenny...the cheesesteak looks killer!!
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Looks awesome! gotta love those pancake fatties!
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Both are some fine looking fatties. Nice work!
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